United Kingdom · May 25 2024

Snowdon, Pyg Track & Minors

Charity donation only. Join us on a trek up the highest peak in Wales, a stunning route up Pyg track and down the Minor's route.



Join us on one of our favourite routes up Snowdon, Wales' highest peak at 1,085 meters, via the scenic Pyg Track and descending by the tranquil Miners' Track. This 7-mile journey offers stunning views of Crib Goch, Watkins, and Llyn Lydaw Lake, with a challenging yet rewarding 723-meter elevation gain. In partnership with Nadine Merabi, we're supporting SANDS charity to aid those affected by stillbirth, reducing the risk and ensuring the best possible care and support. This hike is part of our free and none profit gatherings however, every contributions to SANDS are welcome and appreciated. We'll hike the route, at early doors and head back down for lunch, with the opportunity to bring or rent a SUP, where we'll paddle-board on Llanberis lake for the afternoon before heading home. Numbers are limited on this hike so, book your spot quickly if you wish to join!





Day Schedule

7:45 AM - Meet-Up at Pen-y-pass car park

  • Please arrive at Pen-y-pass Car Park by 7:45 AM for a prompt meet-up. This will give us a chance to introduce ourselves, run through the hike and any safety measures, and ensure everyone is ready. A whats app group will be created closer to the time to send location and a meeting point. We will also aim to help arrange car shares on the run up to the event. If a space at the car park isn't secured, option to park and take the bus from Llanberis to Pen-y-pass (start at 7.25am and run every half an hour).

8:00 AM - Main Hike

  • The hike could take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours depending on our pace and abilities, this hike will be of mixed abilities and will be taken at a leisurely pace to accommodate everyone. Relax, enjoy the views and get to know the group. As we delve into the heart of the hike, we'll encounter varying terrains and the stunning landscapes of Snowdonia. We'll take brief, scheduled stops to rest, hydrate, and snap some photos.

Between 1:00 - 2:00PM - Lunch and Relax

  • Upon completing the hike, we'll take a well-deserved break to relax and enjoy some lunch in Lllanberis. This is optional but please let us know upon booking whether you will join. Feel free to bring your own lunch & snacks.

3:00/4:00PM - Paddleboard, Llanberis Lake

  • After lunch you have the option to join us on Llanberis lake to relax and take in the scenery or rent a paddle-board from one of our partners. The option to pore-book your paddle-board will be given to you upon sign up once we send extra information about the day to you.

5:00/6:00PM - Time to say our goodbyes

Please note, this schedule and these timings may change drastically depending on numerous factors and circumstances out of our control throughout the day.


This hike is considered Hard in difficulty. It covers varied terrain that includes steep inclines, some rugged paths and large rocks to navigate over and a significantly steep ascent to get to the summit. While it's accessible to those with a general level of fitness, it's a good idea to have some hiking experience under your belt. The total walking time could be anywhere between 5 and 7 hours depending on levels of abilities, so stamina is also necessary.

We recommend that you have had some physical activity leading up to the hike to ensure you enjoy the day fully. It's also essential to wear appropriate footwear and carry water and snacks to stay energised. If you have any concerns about your ability to participate, please feel free to reach out. We aim to support all hikers in having a positive and fulfilling experience.

Snowndon has an elevation of 1085m however, pyg track is one of the shortest routes, starting at 359m of elevation. The hike will gain an elevation of 723m (2,372ft).  

Layered Clothing:

  • Base Layer: Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from your skin, which is especially useful for managing your body temperature.
  • Mid Layer: Add a lightweight, insulating layer for warmth. Fleece is a great option because it's breathable and provides good insulation.
  • Outer Layer: A waterproof and windproof jacket is essential. The weather can change quickly in the Peak District, and you’ll want to stay dry and protected from the wind.

Waterproof Jacket:

Absolutely. Regardless of the forecast, a waterproof jacket is essential for any hike. Weather in mountainous and outdoor areas can be unpredictable, and conditions can change rapidly. A waterproof jacket not only keeps you dry during rain but also provides an additional layer of wind protection and warmth in case of sudden temperature drops. The weather on Snowdon is very unpredictable and can change in a matter of seconds, being prepared for all eventualities is of upmost importance. 


  • Opt for lightweight, durable, and water-resistant hiking trousers. Avoid jeans as they become heavy and uncomfortable when wet.


  • Wear well-fitted hiking boots or trainers with good ankle support and a sturdy grip. The terrain can be uneven and slippery in places, especially after rain. Make sure they have been worn prior to embarking on this hike or you risk blisters and that isn't fun for anyone!


  • Thick, moisture-wicking socks are important to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters.


  • Hat and Gloves: Even in warmer months, it can get chilly, especially at higher elevations. Bring a hat and a pair of gloves just in case.
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen: Protect yourself from UV radiation, which can be stronger at higher altitudes.
  • Backpack: A small to medium-sized backpack is useful for carrying water, snacks, a first-aid kit, and any extra layers.


  • Walking Poles: These can help with balance and reduce strain on your knees during descents.
  • Gaiters: Useful for keeping mud and moisture out of your boots, especially if the trail is wet.

Remember, the key is to be prepared for changing weather conditions and to dress comfortably for physical activity. Check the weather forecast before you head out and adjust your clothing choices accordingly.


  • Water: At least 2 liters per person to stay hydrated throughout the hike.
  • Snacks: High-energy, lightweight snacks like nuts, trail mix, energy bars, or fruit.
  • Lunch: optional sandwich or light snack incase the hike spans over lunchtime.
  • Mobile Phone: Fully charged, for emergency contact. Consider a portable charger as well.

Clothing and Gear:

  • Spare Socks: To change if the first pair gets wet.
  • Extra Layer: An additional warm layer in case the weather turns colder than expected.
  • Small backpack: (advisable between 15L and 30L)

Optional Items:

  • Camera: For capturing the scenic views and memorable moments.
  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen and a sunhat for sunny days.
  • Insect Repellent: Especially useful in warmer months.
  • Whistle: For emergency signalling if you get separated from the group.
  • Medication: Any personal medication for ailments

Environmental Care:

  • Trash Bag: Always carry out what you carry in, to keep the natural environment pristine.
  • Reusable Water Bottle: To minimise plastic waste.

Remember, it’s all about balancing what you need with not overpacking. Every extra item adds weight, so consider the length of the hike, the weather, and your own needs before finalising your pack. 

Yes, but a good level of fitness is required for this hike as the route is challenging and some preparation will be needed to prepare yourself. If you're unsure as to whether you'll be physically able to join, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on our contact page and we can discuss your needs. 

Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash at all times and may need to carried in certain areas over uneven terrain. They are under your care and must be your responsibility at all times. 

By booking this hike, you acknowledge that you are responsible for your own health and safety. Ensure you are in good health and prepared for the physical demands of the hike.

Please let us know 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel, so your spot can be offered to someone else.

Transport is not provided to this hike. We will aim to arrange car shares closer to the time but spots in the car park is also limited. Please note that you may need to park in the local village (around 15 minutes away from the start point) and get a bus to meet at the start point (pen-y-pass) which is available on this date. 

Snowdon, Pyg Track & Minors

United Kingdom · May 25 2024 · 8 hours